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Age of Darkness Armiger Warglaives
Age of Darkness Armiger Warglaives
Товар доступен к заказу
Условия: 100% предоплата, срок доставки - 30 рабочих дней
The Armiger Knight is a lighter, more agile cousin to the Questoris Knight, piloted by warriors from outside of the noble Houses, such as retainers and peons who have shown great valour in the service of a Questoris House. They excel at picking off threats from enemies beneath the notice of the larger Knights, such as swarming throngs of infantry attempting to breach the protective barriers of their ion shields, or lesser war machines who dare to aim their guns at a noble scion. Armiger Warglaives are armed with menacing thermal lances and fearsome reaper chainblades, well suited to the belligerent and aggressive nature of their pilots.
9 940 руб.