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Escher Head Upgrade Set
Escher Head Upgrade Set
Товар на складе:
Доставка 2-3 дня
House Escher is perhaps the most strikingly different of all the Clan Houses of Necromunda. Like all the Houses, it is controlled by a ruling family, and its political life and institutions are dominated by close relatives or families in its service. However, unlike the other Houses which have relatively balanced populations, that of the Escher is made up almost entirely of women.

This upgrade set contains 12 heads that allow you to customise your Escher gang and create a distinct set of miniatures to take into the underhive. Each face contains a great deal of character, and the expressions on these heads can help to set the tone for your gang.

These 12 highly detailed heads in this multipart resin kit have been designed to attach to the plastic Escher gang models that are sold separately.
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