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General’s Handbook 2024-25
General’s Handbook 2024-25
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Условия: 100% предоплата, срок доставки - 30 рабочих дней
Jump into the world of Matched Play and start getting those reps in for events and tournaments with the first General’s Handbook of the new edition. This 112-page spiral-bound book contains everything you need to play balanced, competitive games using the rules from the first season, which lasts a year.

Inside you’ll find the Core and Advanced Rules, as well as the Season Rules – which are themed on powerful boons for your general’s honour guard. There are also 12 battleplans, representing a “greatest hits” list from previous editions, a rules update for all of the universal Endless Spells, and a Tournament Organisers’ pack that provides advice for those who want to run events.
4 828 руб.
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